Lab Testing

You can check the individual product page for third-party lab testing, You can also view all of our third-party lab testing on this page.

Who Does Our Third-Party Lab Tests?

We test each batch using Colmaric Analyticals, which test each batch for specificity and purity. Colmaric Analyticals is one of the most advanced analytical labs in the Southeast.  All lab tests are available in PDF format (except for a few older ones which are only available in an image format).

We test the following products for purity and specificity - For each batch: (Each batch lasts for around 1 year)

  • LGD4033
  • Ostarine
  • RAD140
  • YK-11
  • Cardarine
  • MK677

The other products (RAD150, Stenabolic, S4, and S23) are also tested regularly, but since each batch lasts longer (Because they are less popular), we test those products less frequently.

Most Recent Third-party Lab Tests (27.04.2024)

Older Lab Tests

Older lab tests will be updated on this page soon. Most of them are from 2022 and 2023.